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azienda la rocca petroli


Several decades ago, we realised the importance, for the area, of a fuel depot using cutting-edge technology for storage and distribution efficiency. Setting up a local fuel supply point close to where it was needed, for ordinary users, businesses, farmers and households, has made us appreciate, since 1975, the quality of our service and the advantage of speed and convenience; at the time, installing three tanks in the Valcomino area, near Frosinone, put us at the forefront of the storage and distribution of petroleum products and mineral oils. Today, we continue our commitment to making fuel products readily available, expanding our range of supplies. The network of La Rocca Petroli petrol stations is constantly growing, providing services that more and more customers appreciate, building on experience, with an ongoing attention to quality and achieving the best balance between cost and quality, for real value and a great loyalty-enhancing customer experience.

At the helm of the company today is Mario La Rocca, continuing a family tradition that has shaped him and imbued him with a passion for the business he now manages with commitment and professional dynamism. The company is now reaping the successes of Mario’s and his team’s commitment, thanks to its competitive edge and the many recognitions it has received by playing a leading role in the distribution sector, both on and off the network, through an extensive sales organisation that covers central Italy. Rocca Petroli looks to dynamically expand on new markets, constantly striving to improve its services and implementing economies aiming at increased customer satisfaction. Over the years, we have come to see that our organisation has the capacity and the expertise to maintain its competitiveness and which is suited to an increasingly efficient customer-centred network organisation. We are looking not only for customers but also for partners who wish to grow with us!

la storia la rocca petroli
mission la rocca petroli


We’ve made it our primary energy, always
through the quality of services, transparency
of behavior and the environment. We want to
give color, form and life working in the marketing of petroleum products and mineral oils.
Every day we put energy to life, every day we
work for the happiness of all!


lo staff la rocca petroli
staff la rocca petroli
staff la rocca petroli


logistica la rocca petroli
partner la rocca petroli


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