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Aside from the network of filling stations we supply, our clientele is concentrated mainly in central Italy but our entrepreneurial effort is directed towards expanding our field of action and is now aimed at the whole of Italy. The consumption channels we serve require the supply of diesel for automotive use and agriculture, and as fuel for heating. These products consist of mixtures of hydrocarbons that are produced in the refinery using a range of techniques such as fractional distillation, cracking, and visbreaking. The specifications for diesel are set by European standard EN 590 issued by CEN (the European Committee for Standardisation) whilst those for heating oil are set by Italian national standard UNI 6579.

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DIESEL FOR TRACTION is used as fuel for compression ignition, both in the large, slow engines of heavy goods vehicles and boats, and the small high-speed engines in cars. The formulation of diesel enables these engines to be used under the most varied temperature and operating conditions. It ensures good operability at low temperatures, does not cause paraffin deposition in the tank or on the filters, has good ignitability, and limits the emission of smoke and pollutants.

FUEL OIL FOR HEATING meets the requirements of everyday life by generating heat safely and economically. The characteristics (and limits) that make it suitable for this purpose can be different from the characteristics of the diesel used by motor vehicles.

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AGRICULTURAL DIESEL is used for agricultural vehicles and for agriculture-related activities. Because agricultural diesel is taxed differently from other petroleum products, it is given a green colour before being marketed. Customers wishing to purchase agricultural diesel must be in possession of the requisites that are set out in the relevant legislation.


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LUBRICANTS: the range of lubricants we offer aims to meet the requirements of road transport vehicles of all types as well as earth-moving equipment and agricultural machinery. Their purpose is to ensure the maximum protection of engines from damage due to wear and tear, and to maximise their efficiency.

BITUMEN is a black thermoplastic product whose viscosity varies with temperature. At room temperature it is solid; when heated to above 120°C it can be pumped, transported and used. Whether it is used pure or has been modified by fluxing or emulsification, its adhesiveness, cohesion, impermeability and rheological properties make it the ideal material for road construction and industrial applications.

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BUNKERING, storage for marine fuel supplies: within the port of Gaeta in central Italy, at the Flavio Gioia nautical base, La Rocca Petroli operates a filling station where superyachts and other craft can refuel tax-free. The filling stations are located on major roads along the length of the Italian peninsula. The network is constantly monitored and the stations are constantly technically updated in a process that is calibrated to meet customer expectations. Each service area is equipped to facilitate maintenance and support and to ensure prompt intervention, efficiency, and comfort. La Rocca Petroli's primary objectives are to know what drivers expect and to meet those expectations, which we constantly monitor via market research. The strong points of our fuel distribution stations are the great attention we pay to the quality of service and the customer care we provide.

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